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Briolette Wire Wrapping


This class covers the wire wrapping

technique for tip-drilled stones or briolettes.

 In this class we will cover two ways

to wrap tip-drilled stones.

The first way is a clean simple wrap with

or without a small bead on top.

The second way would be the "messy" or

"nesting" wrap, which covers the top

of the stone with wire.

The basic wire class or equivalent skill

level is required before

attending this class.



Classes are no less than 3 people, and no more than 6 people.

You are more than welcome to bring in and use any

materials that you already have for the class.

Anyone who attends this class will receive 10% off any

materials purchased for the class on the day of the class.

You must sign up in advance, either by phone or email.

831-425-bead (2323)

I will send you a confirmation email verifying

that you are in the class.